Enduring Fruit

The parable of parables;

Made known to His disciples.

A secret truth most notable;

A message that’s unfashionable.

With ears to hear, let us hear;

We can’t afford to be cavalier.


A farmer sows his precious seed;

He casts it forth – a righteous deed.

His task complete, he played his part;

The gospel now has reached the heart.

Time will tell the real convert;

No turning back, He’ll not revert.


Some seed has fallen on the street;

Trampled by the busy feet.

The Devil’s birds do confiscate

The seed before it germinates.

Truth is snatched and seized today;

On wings of doubt it flies away.


Some seed is in the rocky ground;

It has no root, nor moisture found.

It grows with joy, but withers fast;

When trials come it cannot last.

Beneath the surface lies a flaw

This stillborn child is made of straw.


Some seed was sown amongst the thorns;

Fruitless and barren, a life forlorn.

The barbs emerge and suffocate;

Cares and riches strangulate.

A promising start but soon deceived;

Gospel truth not really believed.


Some seed was sown in fertile soil;

This heart believed without recoil.

The saving proof: enduring fruit;

Rooted in the Penal Substitute.

A thriving harvest, plain to see

Spreads throughout eternity.


~ Written by Daniel Kriss, November 13, 2019

Having read this parable in Mark 4:1-20 and pondering the many who have made professions of faith over the years but have since “fallen away”.