Who is Daniel Kriss?

Daniel Kriss is the Pastor for Teaching and Preaching at Mount Cathedral Community Baptist Church in Alexandra, Victoria, as well as the founder of Glorious Gospel Ministries, SWAT Camp, and a number of other local church ministries.
In 1989, after listening to a sermon preached in a scout hall in Nunawading, Daniel responded in faith to the gospel and was saved. Almost instantaneously, he believed that God had called him to the ministry. Throughout his schooling life, he spent any spare time in the study of the Scriptures, even to the detriment of his homework and school grades. At the age of 15, Daniel preached his first sermon to a group of about 50 people on a Sunday night. The sermon itself left a lot to be desired, but that experience of preaching the Scriptures publicly  was the catalyst  for his future as an itinerant preacher, and then as a pastor. 
Having grown up without a father, Daniel was blessed to be discipled and mentored by many men from the local church. This was where he developed a deep love for God’s people and came to see the importance of the church family. 
In 2011, whilst serving as  Director of Crystal Creek Christian Camp, Daniel, and his wife Jessica, started attending Mount Cathedral Community Baptist Church.  Unbeknownst to them, this little country church had been praying for many years that God would  bring a young couple into the district who would  serve the church as pastor and wife. After just a few months, it became clear to Daniel and Jessica that this was God’s will for them. In 2012, Daniel was ordained  and inducted into the ministry formally, and continues to serve in this capacity today. 
Having studied theology and the Scriptures for many years, Daniel is passionate about ensuring that God’s Word has a central place in the church, as well as in the heart of the believer. Every week Daniel produces a wide-range of articles, sermon notes, study guides, and various topical papers which are all included on this site. 
Daniel and Jessica own an appliance store in Alexandra, and are passionate about reaching the local community with the gospel. Several years ago, Daniel co-produced a Music CD, and is in the process of authoring his first book. 

Who is Jessica Kriss?

 Too often the wife of the pastor is forgotten, and yet she is integral to every aspect of Daniel’s ministry.
Jessica grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne and is blessed to have come from a rich Christian heritage. At a young age,  Jessica trusted Christ and was discipled by faithful parents and godly individuals from her local church. One of Jessica’s highlights as a child and teenager was attending family and youth camps at Crystal Creek Christian Camp. It was at one of these camps that Daniel and Jessica met.  After five years, they were married.
Being married to a pastor is an incredible privilege, but it also comes with unique tests, especially if the pastor is bi-vocational and owns a business too. Despite these challenges, Jessica demonstrates loyalty, reverence, and support  to her husband.
It can be a challenge for the wife of any pastor to find their place and personal identity in the local church.  It has been wonderful to observe the discovery, development, and utilisation of her spiritual gifts of teaching and wisdom.  Jessica’s great passion is to mentor and encourage women  in their daily lives and marriages. This is accomplished through formal and informal teaching  of the Word. 
In her spare time, Jessica enjoys catching up with her Christian friends, visiting family, reading a book, and tinkering on the piano. Recently the Lord enabled Daniel and Jessica to purchase their first home, and Jessica is particularly excited about exercising her gifts and responsibilities as a home maker (“Worker at home” Titus 1:5). 
Jessica would appreciate your prayers as she seeks to accomplish all that God has set before her as a Christian wife, home maker, co-owner of a business, mentor to ladies, church member,  and daughter and sister. 

Why this site?

We live in the information age. There are millions of “religious sites”. Why another one? Glorious Gospel Ministries is an Australian-based, local church resource which unashamedly stands for biblical truth. There is a dearth of clear, exegetical, Christ-centered teaching in this land, and Glorious Gospel Ministries aims to be a voice of truth in a land of darkness.