A Friend Beyond the Smile

There lives a man on danger street,

Behind those eyes is real defeat.

Unnoticed by the numberless crowd,

Tear-stained cheeks and furrow-browed.


A world exchanging pleasantry;

Feelings veiled, forced nicety;

Culture’s progeny: superficiality.

Makeup, Botox- obscuring all reality.


Fears within and lies without;

Hurting hearts, relentless doubt.

Souls adrift on restless waves;

Shipwrecked lives, watery graves.


Professors proffer lifeless hope;

Catholicism presents the Pope.

Hippies prescribe mindless dope;

Anti-depressants supplied to cope.


Beneath the cover recounting the pain;

Dreaded darkness envelopes the brain,

A numbed mind- emotional strain;

Perceived failures – resultant migraine.


Windowless rooms in houses forlorn;

Endless nights, no sight of dawn.

Sorrow lingers without recourse;

Light extinguished, no human force.


The sun appears but some don’t see-

Living in perpetual misery.

The lark is silent, the sky is grey;

Hollow lives, they’re not ok.


Real friends are not just passers-by

Well-wishes given- Pie in the sky.

Merciless speeches and empty advice

Cannot replace love’s sacrifice.


Look for that one who’s broken inside

Cowering in fear and petrified.

Console their heart with love unfeigned

Truth gently bestowed, hope maintained.


Pause your life without delay,

You may help one live another day.

Be that friend beyond the smile

Who gives and goes the extra mile.


~ Written by Daniel Kriss (25th May 2019).

This poem was the result of observing hurting people who pretend they’re ok and have little hope and few true friends.