The Simple Things

The clutter of life- it’s noise and feuds;

“Essential activity”, our soul concludes.


To read, to laugh, to stop and see;

Observe the bird in yonder tree.

A story told in natural springs;

The life that’s awed by simple things.


How much is missed through vain pursuits-

Of wealth and fame – poor substitutes.


To wander through the evergreens,

Mountain tops and deep ravines.

The heart unfettered freely sings;

The life that’s marked by simple things.


Hollow-eyed and gaunt you’ll be-

For missing life’s simplicity.


To perch upon a bale of hay,

And watch the dawning of the day.

To strum and pluck the banjo strings-

The life that’s filled with simple things.


In spite of Adam’s ruined race

Behold! The world of common grace!


To plant a seed expectantly;

To eat it fruits indulgently.

The sunset and the eagle’s wings-

The life that sees God’s simple things.


~ By Daniel Kriss

28th August, 2019