The Wastelands of Discouragement

The beauty of the meadows fair

Replaced by barren deserts bare.

Eden’s lush and fruitful land

Exchanged for rocks and scorching sand.


The Scriptures read, the prayers are prayed;

The nights are cold- the soul dismayed.

The howling wolves; the bitter thirst;

Sojourning through a land accursed.


En Gedi’s springs cannot be found;

Pilgrim’s corpses all around.

Sinai’s burning bush concealed;

Canaan’s path is unrevealed.


All strength is sapped, no fight is left;

The spirit crushed, the soul bereft.

Abandoned, lost, and heart forlorn;

My friends-  the brier and the thorn.


Waterless dunes and arid planes;

The sandy storms and hurricanes.

These all attempt to overthrow

The truth within my soul I know.


Like Jesus from the Jordan led,

By Spirit to the tempter’s dread.

Though hungered, weary and deprived,

Strength to fight from God derived.


O weary desert trav’ller see;

Beyond Elijah’s juniper tree.

A rigid hope that stands secure-

The cross, the grave, the double-cure.


The wastelands of discouragement,

Fought by gospel armament.

Only by God’s truth applied,

Are desert seasons sanctified.


~ By Daniel Kriss, June 27, 2018

(Dealing with Discouragement)