The Wonder of it All

The lily, rose, and daffodil;

The pigment greens of chlorophyll.

Honey bees in search of pollen;

Weeping willow, visage fallen.


The radiant beams of golden sun;

A spider’s silky web is spun.

The warbling call of birds at dawn;

The graceful deer protects her fawn.


The raging, tumbling cataract;

A treasured, ancient artefact.

The dense, grey nimbus clouds arise;

Thunder’s voice without disguise.


The rugged mountains veiled in mist;

A lark – world’s finest vocalist.

The whistling wind amidst the trees;

The ranging colours of the seas.


The parsley, thyme, and tarragon;

The non-metallic silicon.

The meadows opulent and lush;

The sunset hues from God’s paintbrush.


The slow approach of garden snail;

The vastness of the humpback whale,

Wonder grips each tribe and nation;

God’s pow’r displayed in all creation.


~ By Daniel Kriss, May 26, 2018