The Mini-Jubilee

“Come apart and rest a while;”

Insistent on a low profile.

Time to let the mind unwind;

Hope pursued, and peace defined.


The hammock swings in gentle breeze;

The heart is finally at ease.

Strangers play in blue lagoon;

Lovers ‘neath the stars and moon.


Books are read; games are played;

Songs are sung; prayers are prayed.

Adventures sought, and memories formed;

In quietness, the soul is warmed.


Coastal flora beautifully arrayed;

A colony of seagulls, unafraid.

Anchored boats line the cove;

Sunset’s crimson red and mauve.


The pressure starts to dissipate;

Soul’s compass can recalibrate.

Words and thoughts begin to rise;

The world is seen through purer eyes.


Man was made with rest in mind;

A Sabbath day- God designed.

Time away beside the sea

Is like a mini-Jubilee!


~ By Daniel Kriss,
September 14th 2019

(On the advent of a long-awaited holiday)