The Christian Mother

A woman of virtue is hard to find;

With tender heart and Christ-like mind.

Bearing her burdens with delight;

Leading her children to the light.


Her life is marked by prayer and song;

Before her God she walks along.

Her praise is heard throughout the day;

And love for Christ is on display.


Her lamp does not go out by night;

Motherhood’s call, ever in sight.

She does not fear the weather’s frost;

Provides for all despite the cost.


The rod of reproof is in her hands;

Its long-term value she understands.

She disciplines with truth and love,

As ordered by the Lord above.


Whilst others fancy wealth and fame;

The Word of God she does proclaim.

Pursuing love and teaching truth;

In vigilance protects her youth.


With calloused hands and wearied feet

She comes before the mercy seat.

Her strength renewed from time in prayer;

Upon the Lord, lays every care.


The field she bought now bears its fruit;

Providing for the destitute.

Her linen garments fetch a price;

Tireless work- her sacrifice.


The elders know her husband well;

He leads his family to Bethel.

She does him good and never harm;

Reveres without deceitful charm


Many in excellence have stood;

With beauty, charm, in womanhood.

And yet unrivalled stands another:

The God-fearing Christian mother.