A Life More Vivid Than The Sunrise

She’s small and plump

And tends to slump;

With tiny hands and shortened neck;

Often needs a hearing check.


Protruding tongue and eyes that slant,

My faithful confidante.

Compassion seeps from every pore;

The social pariah she does adore.


Nothing compares to coming home

To a girl with an extra chromosome.

A face that shines with love divine;

Not a defect, God’s great design!


Behind the broad and beaming grin

An imp of mischief spawns within.

Don’t let that face so sweet and fair

Deceive you. She’s wily – Beware!


A singing voice that’s monotone;

Never afraid of microphone.

A techno whiz on mobile phone;

Her letter-writing is well-known.


Now let’s speak of food and treats;

Of chips and bread and any sweets.

She’ll lie and steal and go too far

To seize the forbidden Mars Bar.


“Abort this worthless soul” some cry,

Their “defects” mean that they should die.

The Christian sees God’s work of grace;

Discrimination has no place.


She lives a state of ceaseless prayer;

Perhaps an angel unaware.

Loves the Lord and reads His Word;

The sounds of Christ are overheard.


When I look into those dancing eyes-

A life more vivid than the sunrise.

This picture is not monochrome;

Embrace God’s gift of Down Syndrome.


~ By Daniel Kriss, October 26, 2019


After seeing a sweet girl with Down Syndrome down the street today.
Dedicated to my sister, Golda Kriss who has Down Syndrome.