The Unborn Child

A beating heart and body formed;
God’s image-bearer yet unnamed.
The parent’s world to be transformed;
Heaven’s gift was God-ordained.
To think that some this life would kill
For selfish reasons it is so.
Murderous acts against God’s will;
Brutal death, no chance to grow.
A world where science reigns supreme-
Licence to kill – a woman’s right.
The Devil’s clever ruthless scheme;
The helpless babe unable to fight.
“Save the whales but slay the child”
The world in glad applause.
Depraved we are, beyond defiled;
Voiceless for the foetal cause.
Silent, morbid- hellish scene-
A doctor scrapes within the womb.
Dismembered child- a view obscene;
Procedure done, life’s norm resume.
Pre-meditated Homicide –
Considered as the utmost crime
Unless unborn, is justified,
Their death is planned ahead of time.
Make no mistake, God is displeased;
Judgement day will set things right.
The evildoer will be seized;
The unborn child with heav’n’s birthright! 
Written by Daniel Kriss (25th May 2019)
(Written in response to articles promoting abortion clinics and women’s rights movement)