A Biblical Worldview in Disturbing Times

TEXT: Colossians 2:1-8


As a Christian, how are we to interpret and respond to devastating circumstances that take place in our community, in our nation, and on the world stage?

Illustration #1: On Friday, a man in the prime of his life, was travelling along Goulburn Valley Hwy, Thornton with a colleague from work, when their ute collided with another motor vehicle and claimed his life. He was a father, husband, and well-known member of our community. How do we interpret and respond to that situation?

Illustration #2: At the time of writing these words, at least 20 people have died in the current bushfires with at least another 28 missing. In our state alone, there are more than 50 uncontrolled fires raging. The state of disaster has been declared for the first time, the army has been deployed, helicopters have been leased from other countries, and panic is widespread. How do we interpret and respond to this situation?

Illustration #3: America’s decision to kill Iran’s notorious General Suleimani this week could spark a war. Most analysts are saying that Iran will retaliate, and to what extent, nobody knows. Iran has extensive medium-range missiles, and past experiences suggest that they are not beyond killing civilians and ignoring the Geneva Convention. How should we interpret and respond to this situation? Read more…